Free Immunisation Services

Kidron Health Center offers free vaccinations to help reduce the spread of infectious diseases in our community. Babies, children, some adults and special risk groups receive some vaccines for free.

Here is a list of diseases we deal with and respective vaccines we administer for free every Monday (8am - 12 noon):

1. Tuberculosis – BCG
2. Poliomyelitis – OPV/IPV
3. Whooping cough – Pertussis (DPT-HepB -Hib)
4. Diphtheris – (DPT-HepB- Hib)
5. Tetanus – Tetanus (DPT-HepB –Hib)
6. Measles – Measles Vaccine
7. Neonatal Tetanus – Tetanus Toxoid (for WCBA)
8. Hepatitis B infection – Hepatitis B (DPT-HepB -Hib)
9. H. Influenzae infection – Hib(DPT -HepB -Hib)
10. Cancer of cervix – HPV vaccine
11. Pneumococcal infections – Pneumococcal Conjugat Vaccine

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