Kidron Health Center

Great care and superior service at every opportunity

Kidron Health Center, great care and superior service at every opportunity

The establishment of Kidron Health Center rose out of the need to solve health challenges that came with managing an orphanage by Kidron Valley Ministries in our earlier days. It originally started as a sickbay for the orphanage before it morphed into a health center.

We are well equipped with a variety of medical equipments which include: Electric centrifuge, Autoclave/sterilizing equipment, Nubelizer, Doppler, Ultra sound Machine, Suction machine, Ambubag among others.

We provide free healthcare services to the community, which include: Laboratory services, Consultations, Nutrition services, Antenatal care, delivery and postnatal care, Admissions and referrals, Immunization, Minor Surgeries like circumcision, Family Planning services (Advise, teach, administer and follow up), Ultra-sound Scan, among others. This facility is open 24/7 and is able to admit up to 10 patients at once hence has a capacity of 10 beds. It admits both adults and children

Our vision
To ensure that all individuals in the community receive the great medical care and superior service at every opportunity.
Our Mission
To provide the highest quality health care in the most efficient manner, respecting the dignity of all individuals, providing for the wellbeing of the community and serving all the needs of the people including the poor and the disadvantaged.
  • To provide the quality health care to all individuals in the community
  • To ensure that every child and high-risk group is fully vaccinated with high quality and effective vaccines against the target diseases
  • Empower patients in rural communities to make decisions about their health care
  • To contribute to the improvement of access to quality maternal and reproductive health services
  • To ensure diagnostic tests are carried out to help our team identify the underlying causes of the symptoms of patients

Kidron Health Center reception
Medicine cabinets
Hospital bed
Inside admission room
Lab technician investigating a patient's sample
Kidron Medical Personnel
Immunisation in progress
Picking vaccines from a storage box
Vaccine Injections
Medical Checks
Antenatal checks
Approns for personnel