Community Outreach Programs

Responding to community needs

Kidron Community Outreach Programs, Responding to Community Needs

Kidron Valley Ministries has from time set up programs to respond to different community needs which enhance their livelihood.

Safe Water Program
In this program, we repair broken bore holes, establish water reservoirs with tap water facility near bore holes to ease water access by the community and we also promote rainwater harvesting by donating and installing water tanks on selected houses in communities.
Vocational Skills Development
As a result of our work in the community, we realized that some children had no interest to advance beyond primary level while those who had, due to the big numbers and limited resources, we couldn’t push all of them ahead. We as such conceived the idea of setting up a vocational skilling center to solve this dilemma while at same time enabling sustainable livelihood development in the community.

We promote skills such as: Metal fabrication, tailoring and design, carpentry and joinery, poultry keeping, goat farming, cattle keeping, hair dressing and makeup and fish farming.
Climate Change Initiatives
According to USAID, Climate change is not just an existential threat, it is currently threatening development progress and exacerbating global inequities; increasing water and food scarcity, the need for humanitarian assistance, and displacement; and contributing to conflict.

At Kidron Valley Ministries, we seek to encourage good stewardship of the environment through promoting tree planting; mainly fruit trees in our community.

Metal Fabrication
Poultry keeping
Cattle Keeping
Goat farming
Community safe water plans
Safe water harvesting
Tree planting